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That art be reclaimed as an instrument of social change. That artists and community organizers work collectively to un-brand the cultural commons and rediscover the power of performance.


Ilona Dougherty is a choreographer and community organizer who lives in Montreal, Quebec. Raised in Saskatchewan and the Yukon, Ilona's aims to explore movement as a tool of resistance and revelation. A key part of this is a recognition of her artistic responsibility to give back to her community, which she actualizes through her work as the National Director of The Apathy is Boring Project ( Her work has been shown internationally, most recently in Brazil. Her piece Oongit (2004) was winner of the Montreal Fringe Festival Award for best dance show, she was recently named a 2005 Noise Maker of the year & one of the top ten choreographer's in Montreal by the Montreal Mirror newspaper. Her work has been profiled by: The Dance Current, the Montreal Mirror, CBC Television, CBC Radio, The Yukon News, and The Montreal Gazette among others. Ilona has recently been seen dancing in the streets with Link Dance, dancing with the media as she promotes The Civic Duty Concerts, and as always dancing in her living room.

Artistic Vision

"My work is focused on the intersection where performance offers an aesthetic venue to pose contextually relevant questions. By using clearly articulated and technically challenging movement vocabulary as a starting place, & through a sense of artistic responsibility to the communities that inspire my work, I use dance as a tool to create an environment where questions are raised, and thoughts are provoked. My aim is use my choreographic work to explore movement as a tool of resistance and revelation."

Ilona Dougherty

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